Online Content

Live in Levi’s,
 Live in Style

We collaborated with Levi’s right here in the Bay Area on two different campaigns: one to help showcase designer-inspired tips for rocking their menswear, the other to spread the word about their new performance jeans. In the studio, out on the street and finally on the screen, we never found a place where their denim didn’t look great.


  • Director support
  • Art direction
  • Live action production
  • Editing
  • Motion graphics
  • Color and mix

Content (and denim)
 that performs

For both campaigns our goal was to help Levi’s tell larger stories that could be broken into smaller pieces of content that still stood on their own. The longer form pieces lived online as style resources for customers, while they spread the smaller pieces across their social channels.

Digital nirvana

Levi’s wanted to show off their denim all over the internet, so we planned accordingly. 
Both campaigns were shot with the intention of being presented in both horizontal and vertical formats.